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    "The Solar Woman", Solar Biology, by Hiram E. Butler, [1887] 

    Look a long nap this afternoon as means of recovery from intense new year’s eve revelries.  Dreamed I was visiting a Scandinavian country during a high solar festival.  Lots of celebrations involving shrieking, shouting children running about and causing general chaos.  Pistachio meringues were munched on as people lay on blankets under the moon and watched the stars.

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    Lindsay Bottos
    ‘I Don’t Really Miss You’

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    La Sphere ~ Odilon Redon

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    The Bubble Boy, 1884
    Peel, Paul
    Oil on canvas
    Overall: 43.2 x 35.9 cm
    Bequest of Mrs. Marjorie F. Barlow, Toronto, 1968, in memory of her grandfather, James McGee
    © 2014 Art Gallery of Ontario

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    The Vintage Morn, by Herbert James Draper

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  10. When They Die We Change Our Minds About Them - Jennifer Michael Hecht

    When they die we change our minds 
    about them. While they live we see 
    the plenty hard they’re trying,
    to be a star, or nice, or wise, 
    and so we do not quite believe them. 
    When they die, suddenly they are 
    what they claimed. Turns out, 
    that’s what one of those looks like. 
    The cold war over manner of manly 
    or mission is over. Same person, 
    same facts and acts, just now 
    a quiet brain stem. We no longer 
    begrudge his or her stupid luck.
    When they die we change our minds 
    about them. I will try to believe 
    while you yet breathe.

    - See more at: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/23957#sthash.TAmfyMFY.dpuf

  11. Andrei Tarkovsky , Voyage In Time (1983)

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    The Indifferent Sublime, John Tottenham

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    Zephyrus Wooing Flora
    Henrietta Rae
    c. 1888

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