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    Gang of teen girls, ca. 1930s.


  3. i just miss some people so intensely and i really can’t fucking handle it

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  5. 814stops: i wanted to re-edit this photo set and make these photos look more the way i originally wanted them to look when i first posted them last year. they’re much less saturated with purples/blues and more realistic to how that day actually looked in person. i also took out a few photos i didn’t like much anymore. the original photo set blew up so much that there’s no way this one will get anywhere close to that much attention, but i wanted to re-post them anyway :-)

    andorra, pa 


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    Soft, Dark and Rainy Blue - Serge Marshennikov

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    Haunt me.

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    Girl posed in tree stump, early to mid-20th century. From the newly-acquired Florence Rickey George papers, Iowa Women’s Archives

    View more historic images of Iowa women and girls in the Noble Photographs digital collection

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    Joseph-Etienne Roulin, 1889
    Vincent van Gogh

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    Les Liens Sociaux Series, 2013.
    Marion Jdanoff

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    William Strang, Panchita Zorolla, 1916

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    Comme des Garçons, 1987

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    Stan Shuttleworth

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    Le chat du bistrot. Paris. 1944.

    Photographer: Brassaï