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    I’m actually still doing a lot of editorial work, I just keep forgetting to upload any of it! Here’s a comic I did for the New York Times Private Lives column back in July, thanks to AD Nathan Huang. I’ll upload more pieces later!

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  2. "Cultures of domination rely on the cultivation of fear as a way to ensure obedience. In our society we make much of love and say little about fear. Yet we are all terribly afraid most of the time. As a culture we are obsessed with the notion of safety. Yet we do not question why we live in states of extreme anxiety and dread. Fear is the primary force upholding structures of domination. It promotes the desire for separation, the desire not to be known. When we are taught that safety lies always with sameness, then difference, of any kind, will appear as a threat. When we choose to love we choose to move against fear—against alienation and separation. The choice to love is a choice to connect—to find ourselves in the other."
    — bell hooks, “All About Love” (2000)

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  3. formido:

    Female artists in their studios

    1. Helen Frankenthaler
    2. Louise Bourgeois
    3. Alice Neel
    4. Joan Mitchell
    5. Frida Kahlo
    6. Georgia O’Keeffe

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    Karl Stauffer-Bern, Skull study, Museum of Fine Arts Bern, 1880-81

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    ARIES: you can be the wolf even if you don’t find your pack 

    TAURUS: you are stuck between heaven and hell. make a choice. 

    GEMINI: the voices are real but they are not telling the truth. 

    AQUARIUS: a leap of faith is required. do not forget your parachute. 

    PISCES: in a tangent universe, you are everything you say you are not. remember that. 

    LEO: put down the bottle. 

    VIRGO: if you had a gun; .

    CANCER: your wrists are holy, please stop hurting them.

    SCORPIO: the number of letters in your name are lucky for her. 

    CAPRICORN: jesus was a capricorn. 

    SAGITTARIUS: stop braiding hair into nooses. 

    LIBRA: your last poem will be written in blood.

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    Annie Leibovitz
    Patti Smith with Her Children, Jackson and Jesse. St. Clair Shores. Michigan (1996)

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  8. ruby thinks i look like the madonna


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    A survey of my college poetry class revealed that approximately

    13 out of all 17 students drank enough every night after

    returning to their dorm rooms to black out for several hours.

    The other four just constantly wished to be in a coma

    or to pluck their hearts out…

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    Jerusalem-based industrial designer Naomi Kizhner created a series of sci-fi jewelry than harvest kinetic energy from a human’s body and turns it into electricity. Called “Energy Addicts”. Each spike is inserted into a vein; the blood stream spins the wheel and creates movemen.The jewelry is made from gold and 3D-printed biopolymer. Each piece contains sharp stings that neatly pierce the skin and serve as bio energy harvesting devices. The energy is generated from the body’s subconscious movements, such as blood flow or blinks of an eye. Kizhner created several designs to be worn on different body parts and to draw energy from specific physiological functions. Via Reddit

    oh no oh god!

  13. Punks, Bikers, Teddy Boys, Hippies and Mods photographed Henry Grant c. 1960s-1980s (via)

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