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    by Francesc Català Roca

  4. I’m not here, this isn’t happening.

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    Rei Kawakubo, Donald Drawbertson.

    if ruby and i had a daughter

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    Michael Crowe
    Untitled, 2010

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    Eric Fischl_Portrait of an Artist as a Woman_1989

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    Little black kitten in lineup of black cats waiting for audition for movie “Tales of Terror” in Hollywood, 1961

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  12. Annie Oakley’s heart target (One of Oakley’s most popular stunts was shooting through the center of a small, inch-wide heart on a card from around 40 feet away.)

    Photograph by Annie Leibovitz, Pilgrimage (Random House, 2011)

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  13. my blood is dark green

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    Sammy Davis Jr. looks out out Manhattan window in New York City, 1959.